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Here's a question to get things rolling:

What is one thing that you think AI will NEVER be able to do, and how might you envision AI HELPING with that task?

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  • I had a discussion today with a music teacher and we got talking about performing musical instruments (not counting sequencing - drum machines, etc) will not ever be something that AI will be able to do.  BUT, as a practice tool, I think that we're not far from an app that could accompany a performing musician in a way that is not currently available.  Imagine an app that you could ask to accompany you as a certain set of players that would be sensitive to what and how you play.  A saxophone player could potentially sit in with the Ray Brown trio and "those musicians" would respond to what and how they play.

    • That would be interesting! Kind of a real-time audio transformer! But you are right, it would only be able to mimic the sounds, not actually play any instruments!

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